Eschlböck Biber 84 RM
Eschlböck joins Elmia Wood – the leading event of the industry
10. June 2013
Agritechnika 2013
Product introductions at the most important trade fair for agricultural engineering and forest cultivation
2. December 2013

Biberfest 2013

Sunshine and roses with more than 900 invited guests at our Biber-Party 2013.

Eschlböck offered all visitors the big, wide world of wood chippers. At first, Mr. Eschlböck, the general manager of Eschlböck and son of the founder, welcomed all guests at Prambachkirchen, the hometown of the company.

Highlight at the 3rd Biber-Party was the demonstration of Eschlböck-wood chippers by their enthusiastic owners. In front of a competent audience, they showed a great performance with their heavy-chippers.

Bang on time for the Biber-Party, the product range of Eschlböck is widening in both directions: The “Biber 6”, a new chipper below the Biber 7. And – based on the current top-model Biber 92 – the „Biber 92 RBZ top“.

The „Biber 6“ – now this chipper opens the world of drum-chippers. This machine combines many advantages of the heavy-chippers with compact external dimensions. And also important: Powered by tractors with a drive horse power between 80-100 HP, the „Biber 6“ runs smoothly.

The „Biber 92 RBZ top“ widens the range of the popular chipper-truck series from Eschlböck based on MAN Trucks. Moreover, a belt conveyor draws out coarse wood chips with a minimum of wood dust. Already known benefits of the RBZ-series like the highly productive cooling-system – developed by Eschlböck and approved by MAN -, immense powerful euro 5-engines and an extreme all-terrain chassis are also available. The result is an astonishing new benchmark in this class.

Both machines showed an impressive performance in front of the expert audience.

Below you will find further information in the video.

Demonstrations, exhibitions, papers or a guidance through the plant – many hotspots for visitors from 17 different countries.

After their arrival all visitors were very delighted of papers by notable suppliers like MAN and Palfinger. Desired by expert visitors: An exhibition of used Eschlböck-chippers. Furthermore, a parade of the Biber-series 2, 3, 5 and 7. These machines are known as working equipment for business people in landscape gardening and supporting machines for existing chippers. Since 2013 every model of this series is awarded with the GS mark.

The Biber-Party delivered insight into the daily working world of chippers.

Our employees act as guides on the factory premises and explained the production process of our machines – in German and English language.

Our established service-center was able to handle numerous requests by a huge amount of customers; many of them had a journey of several hundred kilometers.

32 flags were like stars in the sky of our pavilion – each flag was standing for each country with an Eschlböck-chipper. Themed on this: the sky is our limit. Therefore all friends of the Eschlböck-Biber had a great party until in the small hours.

Video Biberfest 2013: