Geringer Feinanteil bei Hackgut eines Eschlböck Holzhackers
Biber produce little fines
17. September 2012
Biberfest 2013
Biberfest 2013
7. September 2013

Eschlböck joins Elmia Wood – the leading event of the industry


Eschlböck joins Elmia Wood – the leading event of the industry


At the world´s largest exhibition of wood and bioenergy Eschlböck is presenting its production program at the exhibition space of Maskin City – a Swedish dealership.

Located at booth no. 308 we show three heavy-duty chippers, the famous Spaltbiber and two of our smaller machines for professional business; appropriate for loading by crane or hand: Biber 84 RBZ, Biber 84 RM, Biber 92 ZK, Spaltbiber, Biber 5 and Biber 7.

Customers from all over the world get to know to the Biber series 84 and 92 and are persuaded by them: These machines are able to handle wood with a maximum diameter of 60 cm (Biber 84) or 75 cm (Biber 92). Both machines have an in-feed width of 122 cm. The innovative combi-chipping rotor from Eschlböck enables either accurately sized wood particles or coarser chips for industry. Certified quality with a small percentage of fine dust.

The compact shelving and all-terrain construction of the Biber 84 RBZ allows a driving speed of 80 kph and convinces therefore with a wide operating range of the chipper-truck. Mounted on a three- or four-axle chassis frame with an all-wheel power train the truck powered chipper is able to run smoothly on dirt roads. The RBZ also deals with terrain aside of forest tracks and can go deep into the woods, that means that RBZ-drivers are qualified to take additional lucrative businesses even if the place of action is aside of paved areas – this assures professional producers of wood chips.

The standard truck-cooling system is suboptimal for the usage in a dusty environment while chipping and having a lack of airstream. Our all new developed Eschlböck-cooling system runs under those conditions flawlessly – the only one in the market. Moreover the Eschlböck-System is easy to maintain by steam- or water jet. Another advantage is an ease of installation by using just the dimensions of the original cooling system. So for improving the cooling power there are neither closed spaced nor limited clearness during producing wood chips. That´s Eschlböck.

We keep an eye on market trends and the implementation of new ideas. For Eschlböck it´s important that machines in use can be updated with those changes. That´s the reason why Eschlböck-customers are able to get to known to innovations while having their current machines in use. This is an important part of our philosophy and illustrates the superior resale value of Biber wood chippers.

The Eschlböck-truck Biber 84 RBZ covered a distance of more than 1,400 kilometers from Prambachkirchen to Jönköping. After the Elmia Wood the RBZ goes on exhibition tour through Sweden.