About us


Biber – a success story


In 1984, the family business Eschlböck developed the disc wheel chipper Biber 5. The Biber 5 KL enabled many rural chipping communities, especially in Bavaria and Austria, to continuously change from conventional shovel wood to fine wood chips for the automatic heating system. By 2014 more than 1700 Biber 5 were produced and sold.


In 1992 Eschlböck introduced the robust drum chipper Biber 7 with 35x56 cm feed opening to the market. The open chipper rotor, composed of individual discs with chipper knives staggered in pairs, became the model and standard on the chipper market.


In 1995 the first large chipper from Eschlböck, Biber 8, was sold. (Change of name 2001 - today Biber 80)


In 2004 Eschlböck developed the foreign body shear pin safety device for chipper blades.


In 2007, Eschlböck was the first manufacturer with serially produced truck chipper solutions. The RBZ series continues to set the benchmark for reliability, durability and high resale value.


In 2008 Eschlböck set another milestone in chipper technology with the new combi-chipper rotor for fine and coarse chippings. The new series allow the production of exact fine chippings, for which Eschlböck beavers have been known on the market for decades, but also coarse chippings for industrial plants.


Instead of a welded construction Eschlböck develops a new screwed chipping rotor made of high-strength, low-wear materials and screw connections.


Presentation of the first machine from the Biber Powertruck line! BPT is a vehicle line that is optimally suited for chipping operations. With a chassis specially developed by Eschlböck and power transmission to the chipper, the Biber Powertruck combines two extremes - outstanding off-road capability and fast transmission speed up to 80 km/h.


The Biber Powertruck line BPT 110 VICAN with an infeed height of 95 cm and 750 HP driving power is the new superlative chipper.


From the idea to competence

For generations, inventions and innovations at Eschlböck have been in the service of agriculture. A farmer's son from the village of Eschlbach, Prambachkirchen, founded a company for the development and production of agricultural machinery in 1956.

A loader wagon with momentary unloading became the most successful patent of the company founder Kommerzialrat Rudolf Eschlböck († 2014) Eschlböck produced the first wood chippers in 1978.

Shaped by a sense of responsibility, with inventive talent and many capable employees, the company became the innovation leader in chipping construction.

Meanwhile the 2nd and 3rd generation are leading hand in hand in the family business.

Tradition with vision

Under the brand name Biber, Eschlböck today produces a complete program from wood chippers for landscape maintenance to large machines for industrial use, which process whole trees up to 95 cm Ø. Furthermore Eschlböck offers the innovative split beaver, so no trunk is too thick.