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Biber 7

The classic. New thought



  • Feed chute
  • Chain belt in-feed
  • No. of knives
  • Chipping length*
  • Control
  • PTO drive
  • Rotational speed of PTO shaft
  • Weight app.*

Biber 7

  • 40 x 56 cm
  • 0,8 m
  • 8 pieces
  • 2 - 5 cm
  • Smart Control
  • 44 - 125 kW
  • 1000 rpm
  • 4.300 kg

* Depending on the fittings

Specifications Biber 7
Feed chute 40x 56 cm
Chain belt in-feed 0,8 m
No. of knives 8 pieces
Chipping length* 2 - 5 cm
Control Smart Control
PTO drive 44 - 125 kW
Rotational speed of PTO shaft 1000 rpm
Weigth app. * 4.300 kg

* Depending on the fittings



Precise chipping

The new Q7 chipping rotor has 8 paired blades and a new damage minimizing blade safety device in case of overload.

The 650 mm rotor diameter guarantees a perfect cut with full wood diameter up to 40 cm.

Robust & low-maintenance

The screen clamping is conveniently done with the drum box lid. Two counter-knife segments can be turned by 180° and are easily accessible from above.

All lubrication points are relocated to the outside for easy servicing. Additional easily accessible service covers also facilitate maintenance of the machine.

High working safety

A new infeed hopper with new SMART CONTROL regulation system and new robust switching and safety devices guarantee powerful, trouble-free infeed with maximum working safety for the operator. Convenient feeding funnel with 4-sided safety stop.

Powerful blower

The new large blower with 1,27 cm diameter, is mounted on the main shaft. This guarantees a high flywheel mass. This further improves the wood chip quality. The blower is lined with highly wear-resistant plates. Optional hydraulic package for even greater operating convenience.

Biber 7

Equipped with a new infeed area, a new chipping rotor, more throughput up to 40 cm wood diameter and the most modern safety devices for manual feeding, it impresses with its robustness and ease of operation.

Eschlböck Biber 7
Eschlböck Biber 7
Eschlböck Biber 7 Holzhackmaschine

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