Biberfest 2013
Biberfest 2013
7. September 2013
Firmengründer Rudolf Eschlböck
In memory of our company founder
13. August 2014

Product introductions at the most important trade fair for agricultural engineering and forest cultivation


Product introductions at the most important trade fair for agricultural engineering and forest cultivation

Eschlböck was presenting its products and the company at the Agritechnica 2013

About 400.000 visitors from more than 83 different countries joined the Agritechnica 2013 at the Hanover fairground. Eschlböck, – a regular guest at the Agritechnica – is poking out of all the other 2.900 exhibition companies: Eschlböck is the only one of all chipper manufacturers producing the complete model range of wood chippers. The product line of Eschlböck includes disc- and drum-chippers for handling trunks with a diameter from 12 cm up to 75 cm.

Numerous improvements of existing machines, two product launches one´s of them had its world debut. Eschlböck impresses with small- and heavy-machines. Biber 6 and Biber 85 had a great appeal at our stand.

Due to the Biber 6, the technology of heavy machines finds its way to the hand firing machines. The ideal engine output of the tractor is between 60-100 kWh. Wood diameter up to 32 cm can be chopped by the smooth-running machine; therefore the industrial field of a modern forestry company can be widen tremendous. The Biber 6 – a drum-chipper – is a cost-efficient opportunity for entering the world of agricultural contracting business. This machine is also an ideal supporter for an existing train of machines. At the same time the usage of landscape gardening, landscaping and silviculture will be expanded widely. Beside our long lasting experience in constructing chippers the GS-seal is also a hint for the quality and security features of the Biber 6.

Look and see: the new Biber 85! The basic data is very impressive and sets a new benchmark for the existing chipper. Constructed on top of a three-axle MAN-truck with all-wheel drive the Eschlböck wood chipper has a fully usable cutting width of 147 cm. The increased cutting width is usable with every single crane load, therefore the hourly output is enhanced significantly. The Biber 85 has an engine output of 533 bhp and can be run ideal by sitting operator´s cap. New on the market of chippers and available for all truck based models of Eschlböck is the new panorama view-cap of Eschlböck: The great overview behind strengthened acrylic glass offers a perfect view on the place of the wood chips production. Prospective buyers and actual owners of wood chippers assured themselves of this solution at the Agritechnica. Due to customer requirement, the SPC monitoring systems complement another and enable to an accurate examination of the performance.

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Customer, interested persons, enthusiasts – stand of Eschlböck was a center of attraction

Once sitting inside the controlling capo f an RBZ of Eschlböck – this was coming true for a lot of (young) visitors at the Agritechnica. An even greater number of visiters was interested in the biggest range of wood chippers in Europe. Austrian sociability at the Hanover-stand of Eschlböck: an active exchange of information with experts and representatives of the Eschlböck family business took place. Countless conversations among themselves converted the Eschlböck-stand to an information-hub of wood chips-production. At this point “thank you” to all our Europe-wide distribution partners for visiting us a tour stand. And thank you to all our visitors at the Hanover fair.