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3. February 2017
Biberfest 2017
Biberfest 2017
9. September 2017

The new series Biber 2

Die Holzhackmaschine Biber 2-15 von Eschlböck eignet sich hervorragend zum hacken und zerkleinern von kleinen Holzstämmen und Astmaterial. Die Maschine ist bestens geeignet für Landschaftspflege und Hackguterzeugung für Betriebe im Gartenbau und Landschaftsbau.


The new series Biber 2


Eschlböck presents another new type of disc chippers for gardening and landscaping:

Biber 2 V with diesel engine

The model Vienna is a machine for professional users. Equipped with a powerful Kohler diesel engine with 31 kW / 42 HP and a torque of 133 Nm, the new Biber 2 is ideal for applications in municipal applications, as well as for gardening and landscaping professionals

Biber 2 Z PTO-driven

The tractor-powered Biber 2 Z can be ordered as 3-pint-hitch version or with an axle .

Quality, proven for decades, robust and durable, built for continous use!

The powerful autonomous infeed of Biber 2 Z and Biber 2 V combined with the high flywheel mass of the sturdy 3-knife chipping disc allows continuous operation for all kinds of wood, up to 15 cm in diameter.

The new ergonomic infeed hopper provides more head room , makes operation easier and improves the working safety. The machine can be comfortably controlled and operated from both sides. The new safety devices comply with the most recent legal requirements throughout Europe and allow trouble-free, practical work, as expected by professionals! All service- and maintenance works on machine and engine can be performed via easy accessible service openings, greasing points are combined on easy accessible parts of the machine.

For more information and technical data click here: Biber 2