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Biberfest 2019

The 10th anniversary of the Biberfest on 6th September 2019 attracted more than 1,100 customers from all over Europe. Already in the morning, a trade fair about the wood chipper offered the possibility for technical discussion. The main topics were … Continue reading

Vican 110

Eschlböck presents 3 new Chippers

The presentation of 3 new chippers at the Biberfest 2019 was appreciated by the international visitors.                     The product range of the crane-loaded chippers was extended at the bottom and at the top. In addition, a new generation of … Continue reading


A sustainable construction – the metal processing factory

At Eschlböck not only the product is sustainable but also the production due to the new factory building. The thoughtout architecture enables the building to fit in the hill country of the Hausruckviertel. To ensure a climatfriendly and sustainable construction … Continue reading