Vican 110

Biber 110

The Biber 110 series extends the Eschlböck product range at the upper end. The first Biber 110 will be mounted on a Biber Power Truck Vican with a Volvo production chassis of type FH 16 8 × 4 and X-High version. As standard, the Eschlböck cooling system with additional water cooler and the large comfortable truck cab with cabin conversion are standard features. An engine with 750 hp and 3550 Nm of torque delivers the corresponding power here, directly via the beaverpower transmission from Eschlböck. This also makes it possible to drive from the operator station without disengaging the hack rotor.

New to the 110 series is the “Z-Rotor”. The knife holders are arranged opposite each other between the precisely manufactured Z rotor discs and can be equipped with either 10 or 20 chopping knives. The result is perfectly chunky chunky pieces.

Specifications Biber 110
Rotor diameter 95 cm
max. wood diameter 90 cm
Feed chute 122 cm
Chain belt in-feed length 2,05 m
Chipping system drum chipper
No. of knives 10 or 20
Variable blade advance

* Depending on the fittings ● Standard model ○ Optional extra available at extra cost

Specifications VICAN
Chipper: Biber model 110
Axle configuration 8×4
Truck-Engine Volvo
Chipper-Engine Truck-engine
Power requirement 551 kW
Cylinder capacity 16 litre
Automatic gearbox
max. driving speed 80 km/h
Rear axle steerable
Rear axle liftable
Wheelbase 3,7 m
Eschlböck cooling system
Central lubrication system
VARIO: hydraulic power Zentral
The Biber splitting device
crane S110F 104 oder S11F 107
Weight, approx.* 32.000 kg

● Series ○ Additional equipment available at extra cost *Depending on the fittings