Biber 60

Biber 60

The Biber 60 is the new entry level for the professional service business.

The new Q7-Hackrotor is equipped with blades, so the cutting tools can be changed faster. 8 pairs of blades cut twice per revolution, ensuring a smooth drum run and a consistent cut. The Q7 rotor can handle a log diameter of 40 cm.

All lubrication points are service-friendly outwards. An increased number of service covers also improves accessibility from all sides.

Other standard cornerstones are the hydraulic lifting of the intake trough, as well as the hydraulic lifting and adjustment of the ejection and ejection flap.

Specifications 60 Z / ZK
Chipping system Drum
max. wood diameter 40 cm
Feed chute 40 x 56 cm
Chain belt in-feed 0,5 m
Blades 8 pieces
Cutting depth* 2 – 5 cm
Cutting grate Screen
Electronic feed control
Power required PTO shaft 44 – 125 kW
Rotat. speed PTO shaft 1000 U/min
Dimensions l x b x h (m)*
Working position 4,85 x 3,63 x 4,70
Transport position 4,85 x 2,55 x 3,35
Weight app* 5.300 / 7.000 kg
Crane - / Epsilon C45 F67

* Depending on the fittings ● Standard model ○ Optional extra available at extra cost