Once you have seen the Spaltbiber in action, as a wood chipper you can always be secure in the knowledge that there will never be any logs left over.

The Spaltbiber works on an entirely new principle. It splits sideways.

That means it can split any diameter of tree trunk easily and safely that the loading crane is able to fit in the splitter’s tray.

The loading crane can also be used to lift up the top, split section and so helps further in the splitting process.

No tree trunk is too thick!

makes wood chip production considerably more efficient: oversized logs can be split and wood continuously supplied to the chipper’s feed chute to be made into chips, in a single process.

Logs more than a metre in diameter are simply placed back in the semi-circular tray for splitting again. With the Spaltbiber, there’ll be no logs left over.

Being mounted on a chipper, tractor or truck, the Spaltbiber can be used in a flexible way.

Specifications Spaltbiber 1100
Diameter of tray 1,1 m
Splitting force at 180 bar 22 t
Weight ca. 1.300 kg
Dimensions l x w x h (m)
Working position 3660 x 375 x 940
Transport position 2300 x 630 x 940
Specifications Spaltbiber 900
Diameter of tray 0,9 m
Splitting force at 180 bar 22 tonnes
Weight ca. 900 kg
Dimensions l x w x h (m) 2550 x 285 x 1100
Arbeitsstellung Transportstellung 90° geklappt Transportstellung 180° geklappt