Biber 7 neu

Biber 7 – new

The new rotor

The new Q7-Hackrotor is equipped with blades instead of choppers, so the cutting tools can be changed faster. 8 pairs of blades cut twice per revolution, ensuring a smooth drum run and a consistent cut. The Q7 rotor can now handle a log diameter of 40 cm.

The new funnel

The new hopper scores with increased stability and ergonomically implements the new safety standards with shut-off bars and an additional 3 emergency stop buttons.

Improved service

All lubrication points are service-friendly outwards. An increased number of service covers also improves accessibility from all sides.

Specifications Biber 7
Chipping system Drum
max. wood diameter 40 cm
Feed chute 40 x 56 cm
Chain belt in-feed 0,5 m
Blades 8 pieces
Cutting depth* 2 – 5 cm
Cutting grate Screen
Electronic feed control
Power required PTO shaft 44 – 125 kW
Rotat. speed PTO shaft 1000 U/min
Working position 4,3 x 3,22 x 4,07
Transport position 4,3 x 2,55 x 2,75
Weight app.* 4.000 kg

* Depending on the fittings ● Standard model ○ Optional extra available at extra cost