Biber 2-15V + 2-15Z

Biber 2 with diesel engine
The new Biber 2 V is a chipper for professionals, equipped with a powerful Kohler diesel engine with 28 kW / 38 HP and a torque of 133 Nm. The compact trailermounted machine perfectly meets the needs of municipalities and landscape gardeners.

Biber 2 PTO-driven
Biber 2Z driven by PTO is available with 3-point hitch or optional axle.

Quality, proven for decades
The powerful autonom infeed system of Biber 2V and Biber 2Z as well as the high flywheel mass of the 75 cm chipping disc with 3 knifes is built for continous use for all kinds of wood, up to the maximum log diameter. This makes the Biber 2 to an outstanding machine in its class.
A new, ergonomic infeed hopper reduces the possibility to hit the head when feeding the machine, enhances work safety and makes professional operation much more comfortable.

•    Ideal for brushwood and green waste
•    Suitable for continuous operation
•    Robust disc wheel with huge centrifugal mass
•    Optimal feeding area for easy loading
•    High-torque diesel engine of the newest generation
•    Low-emission and powerful
•    User-friendly infeed control with hour meter
•    Lubrification points easily accessible without opening any guards
•    Top-quality branded parts for a longer lifetime

Specifications Biber 2Z (Three point hitch) Biber 2Z (Travelling axis) Biber 2V (Engine)
Chipper type Disc chipper Disc chipper Disc chipper
Max. wood diameter 15 cm 15 cm 15 cm
Infeed width 21 cm 21 cm 21 cm
Nr. of knifes 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
Cutting depth 0.5 – 1.5 cm 0.5 – 1.5 cm 0.5 – 1.5 cm
Electronic infeed control incl. operating hour meter
Capacity hydraulic tank 35 litre 35 litre 35 litre
Power source PTO PTO Diesel engine 28kW(38HP)
PTO power required 15 to 40 kW 15 to 40 kW -
PTO speed 540 to 1000 rpm 540 to 1000 rpm -
Weight app.* 680 kg 800 kg 1,250 kg
Working position l x b x h (m)* 2,40 x 1,76 x 2,55 3,50 x 1,76 x 2,60 4,30 x 2,81 x 2,77
Transport position l x b x h (m)* 2,40 x 1,30 x 1,98 3,50 x 1,55 x 2,03 4,30 x 1,54 x 2,05

● Standard machine     ○ additional options charged extra      * depending on options