„Our region is our life“ – excursion of pupils to Eschlböck Biber

In many regions in the countryside the production of wood chips is a big issue. The wide range of wood chippers for trunks from 12cm up to a diameter of 75cm is unique within the whole business of wood chipping machines.

Like the years before – in the sixth year of our partnership with the local secondary modern school of Prambachkirchen – a visit of our partner-classes was scheduled. No sooner said than done. The second visiting of the classes 2a and 2b included a great tour through the production facility, one of the wood yards and the heating system of Eschlböck.

Organized by Mrs. Maria Eschlböck and her daughter Mrs. Eva Eschlböck, who´s also fully engaged in the company since 2011, all 30 boys and girls explored the whole place of production.

The focus of the visit 2013 in our long-established manufacturing shop had a closer look at wood as an energy source. A trunk as a renewable raw material, that is transformed by the Biber wood chipper to an energy carrier who´s capable of delivering heat and energy through wood chip furnace.

After countless visiting-stations on our factory premises there was a freely snack and the watching of the latest movie of the most famous beaver between Spain and Estonia: The Eschlböck Biber. In the end: everybody of our small visitors could get the well demanded output of the Eschlböck Biber – the wood chips.

Wood chips are a non-fossile fuel and appeals a great fascination on the e-generation, so this topic was on top of the following lessons. With a wonderful picture, the results about their wood chips-discussions containing, the pupils said „thank you“ to the Eschlböck family, moreover they are corious of the visit next year.